5 Hottest WordPress Web Design Trends in 2020

Since 2003, WordPress grows and becomes the most popular CMS we have ever seen for last years. For this reason, we can see high competition among web designers and developers to be progressive and attract as many users as possible. Thanks to a large team of professionals, developers and designers of the WordPress working in this community, innovative web design and coding trends to follow are implemented and broadcast every time. Let’s take a look at which of the most popular WordPress web design trends in 2020 will inspire you. These trends emerge so that you get the highest level of WordPress tools and templates, plugins and add-ons, and provide the perfect process for your website or blog with up-to-date, vivid and practical realism and its needs.

The list of the most popular WordPress Web Design trends in 2020 for inspiration

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Artificial Intelligence

This is a key moment in the globalization and evolution of mankind, so it permeates any digital sphere. Find solutions that change our attitude to online shopping as a result of web design and development. Using artificial intelligence on your website, you can show audiences specific content that is intended especially for them. AI can also offer users new videos, music, and other relevant content based on their past behavior or activities on the Internet. Users can also feel comfortable discovering new content and believing they find it relevant also by voice search optimization.

Get to Grab User’s Attention

Integrating traffic interface features, such as animated elements and transitions, into your web design can help you attract visitors when you enter or exit. The key here is to strike the right balance between getting their attention and redirecting what they are looking for.

The Blocks

Speaking of going out things – it seems that broken, irregular and asymmetric grids are growing, at least this was the trend in 2019 and it will be continued for the next year. Layouts will be everywhere, text and images will overlap as if an unintentional code error occurred.

Video Headers and Background Videos

The way which helps you to get visitors’ attention and can reduce bounce rates is to add videos to the website titles and backgrounds. This is not new but it will work for your success in 2020 too. And it’s also a great fun way to engage your target audience. But notice that video headers are designed to capture attention, so keep them short and sweet.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

responsive design

Speaking of responsive designs, web design is becoming more important with the intention of Google to launch it is a new mobile-first. It’s an algorithm of site and blog achieving a higher grade by the needs and benefits of mobile users. The mobile-first design means that when a website is designed and built, the starting point is the mobile version, not the desktop one. This is something that a lot of companies have been doing for quite a while but it will become a definitive must in 2020.


We can say that WordPress is still king in the blogging industry and is gradually capturing the realm of web design and is developing at a rapid pace. It also really helps users design websites that match their brand identity. Designers never sleep, and they constantly come up with new ways to help WordPress look and function better. High quality and unique content with perfect pixel-complementing images is one of the most important resources in your digital presence.

So, there are companies that follow the trends, and there are those that create them. This is the right time to formulate your website strategy.A prime example of such a company is the UPQODE WordPress Web Design agency. UPQODE team is developing great WordPress websites that start with sketches, white sessions and end with content and call to action. They always focus on your technology stack so you can do what is best for you, that is, your job.

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